Thursday, 3 October 2013

5 Things that we can learn about God from the parable of the prodigal son.

 A parable is told by Jesus of a prodigal son  who demands a  share of inheritance from his dad. This boy goes and squanders it all and ends working as a swineherd while working as a swineherd, he realizes that servants in his father’s house are treated better than his own employer treats him. 
He decides that since he has lost all claims to sonship, he will go back home and plead with his dad to allow him to at least be a servant.
That son walks back to find a  father who has been  watching for his return at the gates everyday; this father is the first one to spot the boy and runs to receive him before anyone can say or do anything.

That father is representative of our father in heaven who just like that dad,  waits at the gates for us everytime we walk away from Him. 
Our father in heaven knows how heavy guilt is and all he wants for us to do is to make a decision to ask and He will forgive us. He knows that there’s no heavier burden than the burden of guilt.

There are 5 things that we can learn about our father in heaven from the story of the prodigal son.

1. That our father waits at the door for his prodigal kids and he never tires of waiting. He is the first one to notice a change of heart in us, the first one to see the turning point in our lives and He nevers stops waiting for us to turn back to Him. Nobody knows for how long that dad watched and waited at the gate for his son to come back home but his wait is rewarded when this child returns. 
God is  watching and waiting for you, do not be afraid of turning back to Him.

2. That to God you are more valuable than anything he has made.There's a saying that I share with my sister, that God will spend 1 million to save one soul. for this dad it was half his estate, for our father God He gave his only jesus to die so we could be saved. 
God  shed his glory to become man, so we could call Father

3. God is not enjoying your separation from Him. He longs for a change of heart in us when we sin, for that day when we say father I have sinned against you because 
He will not wait for us to finish the confession... he will be calling for the cloak and the ring..

4. That there’s nothing that you could do that will stop God from calling you his son,he will not consider even making you his servant. The sole purpose of God becoming man was so that we could call God "father". 
The Spirit in us gives us power to call Him Abba Father. 
Romans 8:15

5. God is not counting the sins you have committed against Him, He is counting the days to the hour when you will see the error of your ways and ask for forgiveness:
Our father’s proudest moment is when a child he thought he had lost goes back to him; to him it is cause for celebration.
I John 1:9
God is willing to do a new thing in your life, what are you waiting for? what unconfessed sin is bothering you because not unless you blasphemed against the spirit of God theres no sin that our Father God cannot forgive. My friend what are you waiting for go back Home; God is waiting for you. 

 God loves us and nothing could separate us from the love of God not even demons. dare to disagree with the devil and go back home, the Father's waiting-Romans 8:38-39