Friday, 4 October 2013

Before my Life's is over these 3 things I want to do

  • Live passionately
  • Give wholeheartedly 
  • Invest into others, things that are worth more than money.
  I have discovered that I do not want to reach a certain age and discover that I did not dig in as I should have; that Life is passed me by.  I did not see the stories that I was supposed to see so I could not write about them.
 Every day I come closer to going home(Heaven) and  where am going  does not have what is here; it will be a totally new experience, so I want to enjoy this journey.

  I want to use to back lanes and see the raw pain of poverty and lack as well the deep laughter that only the poor are capable of. I want to write about these rawness  and the depth of it all from my perspective.
 I want to give to a person who is not in a position to give me back, all for the joy of seeing the smile of relief  on the their faces at a burden that I have lifted off their backs.
 I want to encourage and lift up someone, for everyday I am reminded just how my father God loves and treasures me; so because of what Jesus has done for me, I would like to give someone a word of encouragement, of comfort and sometimes tell someone a horrible truth that no one is willing to tell them.
  •  I want to travel the road that no one has travelled so I can write stories that no one can tell.
  • I want to see God do the impossible because I have called on His name like he said to do.
  •  I want to be wrecked even more for Christ and by Christ because heaven is not for cowards but for the daring.  I want to commune with God  more passionately because with God on my side; with God dwelling in me the demons must bow . I want the life that I dream of.... Stop