Tuesday, 4 February 2014

3 things you need to do so as to make your decisions stick ...

My supper has  became my main meal for the day, and that's the thought in my heart although its not the solution I think I need right now. The solution I need right now must start in my heart, for my heart will encourage my spirit and with the two in agreement, they will convince my mind. 

So where am I going with this you ask? Remember that decision you know you need to make?
That one decision you know can totally change your life? that's what i'm talking about. So why haven't you made that decision yet? What is stopping you?

My argument is that you are making that decision with your mind, and I think you need to bring in your heart and  your spirit into it.

  • The mind only sees the pro and the cons(Logic) -Weigh the pros against the cons.
  • The heart maps out all  the routes you need to take and decides who you need to involve-Choose a route and a support team.
  • The spirit questions your motives and intentions-Straighten out your  motives and purify your intentions. 

Involve your soul,spirit and mind when making a decision, for when the whole of you is in agreement then you are able to move forward more easily.