Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Are you afraid? Pray this prayer.

We all have a place we live from.
It sometimes depends on how you were raised but when Christ comes into our lives we get a second chance.
Before I became a believer, I had been raised to be afraid. I was afraid of everything, I lived in a state of foreboding and doom. The kind of fear that held me in a grip so formidable that nothing existed in my heart but fear.

  • I learnt the importance of prayer because I was afraid of losing my relationship with God.
  •  I participated rather seriously in church activities because I was afraid that I wasn't doing enough to please God and therefore would miss heaven.
  • I was afraid of sin yet I couldn't stop sinning... a voice of close relative playing continuously in my head.. "you will not be saved, you are a hypocrite.. your sins are too many and deliberate, God cannot forgive deliberate sin." I was afraid and I lived under the shadow of condemnation.
  • I was afraid of being abused yet I ended up in an abusive relationship

Then someone gave me a book whose title I can't recall. In that book was a quote I remember to this day. "There are 365 do not be afraid verses in the Bible, one for each day of the year.
I read the book and asked God to rid me of fear, all fear. 
I don't know what God did but that gripping fear and all its shadows were gone.  Now in my private worship time, I thank God because he has filled me with a Spirit of love, sound mind and power. I thank Him for filling me with a Spirit of adoption...
Friend, are you afraid? just ask God to set you free from fear. 

Lord, I'm filled with fear, I surrender this fear to you. I ask you to fill me with a Spirit of love, sound mind and power. Father, help me comprehend what it means to be your child.

In the name of Jesus, I pray.