Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Five things about God that every christian should understand

More than anything our Father God want us to enjoy our relationship with Him; He needs us to understand that  that He is more than our God, He is our father,our Abba Father. 

There are at least five things about our father in heaven that we, the sons of God should know and keep close to our hearts whatever situation we are going through:-

our lives are not a spectator sport to God
1. Our Father God is filled with compassion:  That our lives are not a spectator sport to Him :God is not in the crowd of witnesses, watching how we are doing, cheering on, criticizing us and chiding us.God is in the ring with us, shielding us, holding us and oftentimes carrying us when our strength runs out.

2. Our Father in heaven is filled with mercy: He tells the enemy how far he can go because He knows just how much we can take before we breakdown.

3. Our Father is filled with wisdom: If God allows it then there is a reason: God is not in the business of trifling with our lives for pure enjoyment.
God does not enjoy seeing us in pain or even any discomfort but  because He knows that sometimes we need to be thrust out of our comfort  zones so that our character can be fixed, He will allow trials and adversity into our lives
sometimes our souls need to be saved so he lets the enemy have his way with us. whatever the reason for your trial  Refer to number 1 and 2 above.

4. Our Father God is faithful: Through it all God will see us through- He will not tire, he will not faint and most of all He will not give up on us. 
Even when we are not responding as he knows we should, even when we turn our backs on him, when we blame or even curse him to his face, God will not give up on us
His love for us causes Him to wait patiently for our anger and blame games to end, and then He steps in and gently takes us through our lessons.

5. Our Father God loves us so much that He found a way to make us his own: He was not content with us just worshipping and obeying him, although that would be enough for anyone who craves power.
 God wanted a people he could call sons and a people who could call him Abba Father; He wanted a people who could relate to him from a point higher than the law.
 He desired something more than automatons, so He gave his most precious thing to bridge the gap that the law demanded be filled.
 Jesus died to make us sons of God.

No matter what is going in your life, let the above immutable characteristics of God permeate every fiber of your being
May we come to a place where we know beyond a shadow of doubt, that no matter what the enemy does to us;our lives are not in the enemy's hands, our lives are in the hands of God our father.
That the enemy can only be used as an instrument to further the plans of God, Our father (to whom we belong) as He(God) defines and fixes our character.