Thursday, 19 September 2013

6 things I have learned as I parent My Kids

One of the toughest assignments that God has given me is that of raising my kids. Raising my son and daughter has taught me so much about myself, my kids and God my father. I have narrowed the lessons to 6 main ones.

 My kids are people - and by people I mean they have opinions. The main point is sometimes we will not be reading from the same script or when we are reading from the same script, we are interpreting the script differently. 

  •  I have learnt to listen to those opinions and make the right judgment call
  •  The other thing is I have learned is that my daughter is almost always okay with my suggestions so I have to push her to tell me what she thinks about my suggestions.

"I remind myself that even God Himself invites me to talk to him. The bible is replete with examples of God’s children speaking to him; some like Abraham  and Moses negotiate with God for lives to be spared.So why 
shouldn't I hear my Kids out if God hears me out?"

 My kids will make mistakes-My son makes more mistakes than my daughter does. My son makes more mistakes because he takes more risks. My daughter on the other hand rarely makes mistakes, because she is afraid of taking risks.

  • I have learnt to make sure my daughter who is afraid of taking risks is pushed to take risks and to ensure that my son who enjoys taking risks understands the power of counting the cost.

"I remind myself that we are all work in progress. The Holy Spirit is working in us to bring us to the place of perfection that God has planned us to be." 

My kids need my approval and counsel more than they will admit

  • I have learnt to give the counsel both when it is needed and when it is seem as if it is not needed, for even if they pretend they are not listening, they will follow that counsel when am not there. 

  • With time I have learnt not to compare them to each other and to love them unconditionally.

     "I remind myself that God encourages us in his word as well as with His still small voice. God my father keeps on reminding me that He will never tire of loving me." 

If my father God will not tire of loving me, why should I tire of loving my kids?

"My kids are my gifts from God and I am happy that my quiver has arrows even if the arrows are only two."

What have you learnt as you raise your kids? Lets continue the conversation on