Monday, 20 January 2014

Substitute new year resolutions and plan for 2014 in these 2 ways.

As 2013 drew to a close, I knew I would not be making any resolutions although I knew I needed some kind of Plan;  a plan I didn't have until I found  a website by Alece Ronzino who suggests choosing one word to focus on for the whole year.Read her story HERE.

Here is how it works-Alece suggests that as you pray for this year,  you should ask the  Lord to guide you into choosing  one word that will influence the way you do things this year  and then tell your accountability partner that one word.

My  one word for this year is FORWARD.My aim is to do things to do things that push me forward and to leave behind things that do not work while embracing forward thinking ideas.
  •   What is your word?Check out for encouragement and words that you can choose.
 As I was meditating, the Lord asked me the one thing I would regret not doing this year, and I had to really think about it.
Do you know that as an  year ends, we often have things we wish we had done and the Lord want us not to have any regrets as the year ends.

 Well as 2013 ended, what was the one thing that you regret not doing?
Now  fast forward and  think about the one thing that you must do this year, the one thing that if you do not do, you will have regrets as 2014 draws to a close.
  • The plan is to focus on getting that one thing done.
  • Create a plan and break the plan into sub-plans, pick the top sub-plan and start executing it. 
  • Do not focus on the big plan, focus on executing the sub-plans one at a time; when you are done move on to the next sub-plan.before you know it you are done. 
The one thing I know I would regret not doing this year would be recording my music; if 2014 ends and I have not recorded my music then I would feel very bad .

  What  is the one thing that you absolutely must do this year? get doing it.
Combine the 2 plans and you have a foolproof way of making your years and seasons  count.
 Have a prosperous 2014.