Monday, 16 December 2013


Do you know that no matter how much increase you have in your life, you can never be content unless you choose to be content? That your happiness (Joy) cannot come because you have more?
"godliness with contentment is great gain". 
That you can be happy and content in whatever state you are in and if you are not happy now; you will not be happy tomorrow either.
I have discovered that most people think that if they get what they want they will be  happier, they will be more contented but it’s all an illusion.
 The truth is that if you don’t have a mate  and you think that
when you get a mate you will be happy, God will give you one and you will not be happy; you will not be happy because you will be thinking about how happy you will be when you hold your first baby in your arms, but when you hold that baby in your arms, the joy will be fleeting, then you will start looking forward to the day he crawls or says his first words and before you know it He is all grown.
If you search your heart closely you begin seeing a pattern of either worry, anxiety accompanied by some discontentment. You are either looking forward to things you want to happen or busy looking back at things you cannot change. 

How do you start living before it’s too late?.

Learn to talk to God not at God. Speak your thoughts to God clearly as you would to a friend and if you do not have anything to tell God, be quiet and simply learn to enjoy his presence.
New Zealand
Remember that God does not view you as a sin(ner) but as His son.
Learn to capture memories of the people you love. Cerebrate the people that God has put in your life. You never know when God will decide to call either you or them home.
Teach yourself to give your treasures to your loved ones not to strangers. Remember:Do not throw your pearls at pigs they will trample on them and then turn to you and rend you to pieces.
Horsetail falls California
 Take a big bite of life, (in other words) if it’s harmless, do it. You have always wanted to learn how to swim, go for lessons today if you can. You always wanted to climb Mt. Kenya, join a group that’s going for an expedition and do it.
Help someone who cannot pay you back, there’s not a better ego booster than helping the helpless.
Turn your embarrassing moments into laughter. Learn to look at life from a humorous point of life. You are short, create jokes about shortness, I normally tell people that I can reach the ground faster because am shorter.
Learn to enjoy watching and listening to people.

Remind yourself again and again that you are here for only a while, moments are fleeting but memories are forever. Try and leave behind good memories wherever you go.

Remember thats its not things that make you happy. You decide to be happy and knowing Jesus makes that joy overflow.