Tuesday, 29 October 2013

5 tips on how to develop your trust in God.

well it has been quite awhile before I have blogged, today I am going to talk about one of the most challenging lessons that I have had to learn,being confident in God.

Our nature is such that we want to know what will happen tomorrow, we want to be sure that it will happen as it should, that nothing will happen that is not supposed to happen.when events happen in any other way we become lose our stillness and become disturbed even panicky.

and yet the bible says in Isaiah 30:5  that In quietness and confidence is our strength and in  Psalm 46:10-we should  “Be still, and know that He is God .

let me break it down-
  • the confidence is in God
  •  the quietness comes from knowing that God is God.
but how to get to trust God is such a way that whatever happens we are still  and quiet because we have put our trust in Him? here are a few tips to get there:- 

Let us build our relationship with him- how can we trust a person we do not talk continually. Relationships are built by spending time with the person we love; our relationship with God will built the same way by spending time with him.

Let us gather information about our God- when we begin a new relationship with a person, we enquire everywhere about him, we seek knowledge about him from all corners. And the best place to start is the bible. Listen to testimonies of people, read books about God; we should seek knowledge about God as much as we can.

Let us give him a chance to prove himself; we do this by telling Him about our issues, asking Him to resolve those issues and waiting patiently as he works them out; which takes us to the next point

Lets us make up our minds beforehand to trust and obey him. Let’s not give up on him too early. We do not give up on the people we love; we give them chances again and again, why do we give up on God too early?

Let us learn to ask him his opinion on day to day decisions that we need to make and let’s tune in to his answers. 

We need to understand one thing we cannot put our confidence in someone we do not trust. so by following the above tips we can learn to trust God and as time goes by put our confidence in Him.