Friday, 8 November 2013

MY Best Decision ever.

That day I came face to face with my truth which was that a decision needed to be made.
 What to do I asked myself? Was I going to stay with him or was I going to leave? And if I left what would happen to my status, my stability and my relationships? But if I stayed what then; could I continue lying to the two most important people I Knew (God and me?).
Could I continue lying to myself that I was happy yet I was miserable? Could I continue ignoring the disquiet in my heart any longer; did I have the strength to continue pretending to my community?
That day of truth was when I discovered that he was cheating on me, that he was doing it without protection.he passed on an infection, I confronted him; he laid the blame on me and said that I was the one cheating on him. I knew myself; I knew the value I had placed on this relationship.
 The truth was that I was being na├»ve and foolish to think the feelings and the value of the relationship was mutual.
That day I realized nothing was mutual for us except the misery, but he was willing to go on with the farce but unfortunately for him I was not willing to go on, I walked out.
That became one of the best decisions I have ever made; for it gave God a chance to minister to me which has transformed me into a confident woman who knows and understands that God loves her without measure.

I acknowledged my truth and it set me free.
Five Minute Friday