Monday, 11 November 2013

Could a matatu tout stop you from entering heaven? Matthew 25:40

Today am going to talk a phenomena that is peculiar to my country Kenya. Whereas in most developed countries the mode of public transport is a taxi, a train or a bus. My country Kenya uses a 10-27 seat vehicle for public transportation. These vehicles are called matatus.

Two kinds of matatus in Kenya
Now a matatu has driver and person who deals with passenger transactions, this person is referred to as a (makanga) or a tout.
The tout is one of the most the most despised persons in our society. So despised are these touts that most people are just rude to them.
most people will insult or be rude to a tout for no reason at all or if a tout delays with change or makes a mistake.
Unfortunately most Christians are very rude to these touts, which brings me to the topic of today… if the hungry, the shelter less and the thirsty are Jesus.. Does the tout who served you today represent Jesus? When you are rude to him is it a reflection of Christ in you?
Think about it; could that tout who served today stop you from entering heaven?
a pimped matatu

How about how we treat our kids’ nannies, house girls, cleaners, street people et al. could they stop us from inheriting the kingdom of God? Let’s evaluate our perception of the so called servants of our society. Lets us do it by following some of the items outlined below.
 • Be respectful when asking for your change, that tout is someone’s son, father and brother. Most people are rude because they have dehumanized a person. By dehumanizing a person, I mean you have stopped viewing that person as a human being.
• So Smile at a tout today
a matatu tout hanging on a matatu 
 • If a tout asks you if you are getting into the matatu, give them a response.
 • If a hawker asks if you are buying and you are not then tell them politely that you are not.
 • Help a child get into a matatu or alight a matatu.
 • State clearly when and where you are alighting.

an asian child begging

 If a tout is rude or insulting stop and remind yourself that 
1. He could really be having a bad day
 2. And he is not a stereotype he is an exception. And remember that how you treat a person is mirrored back to you.
 remember that how you treat a lowly member of society can stop from entering heaven.Matthew 25:31-40.  read the word  here