Tuesday, 19 November 2013


The plan will not always go the way I want but one thing I know is that God will not stop being in control.
 Somewhere on this journey, I had to make a choice whether to look to God or to look at my circumstances. 
Sometimes I nailed it and straightaway and my spirit would agree with God but most of the times I had to catch my thoughts before fear became a dominating factor.
Most of the times am not sure whether making progress in my relationship with God, when am not feeling sure we talk, God and me, we talk. 

"Am I doing well"? I ask God. "Are you doing well"? He asks me;

 He takes me back to the time, when 90% of my thought process was dominated by either fear or hopelessness or a darkness of some kind.

 He asks me, "What are you thinking now"?  Am thinking about how I now know for sure that you are in control, Am 100% sure that no matter what you allow to happen to me, you love me.  We are both quiet for a while.

I don't know what He is thinking about( although I'm sure I am in his thoughts), I know what I'm thinking about.  

"I trust you Lord and am grateful most of the time nowadays", I tell him; 'Grateful for you'. I know there's nothing you cannot handle, through you Lord I have grown.

Am amazed that I have come this far, but the most amazing thing is that God takes pleasure in showing me just how much I have grown. That’s friendship.