Monday, 12 May 2014

4 things I had to learn about Contentment

  •  Contentment is a choice I had  to make-(a state of the inner being). I could be rich like crazy or so poor, am begging for meals but God wants me to be filled with peace no matter what. This peace can only come from believing that God will never leave me nor forsake me.
  • This world is not my home- I am a sojourner.(No matter how much we have accumulated, we will leave it all behind someday)1 Timothy 6:6.Only investments that are based on eternity will remain, they are the only things we can present to God on that day of Jesus Christ.
  • That more is not always satisfying-Money and possessions could and sometimes  divert my heart away from God by giving me a false sense of security so that instead of trusting in God, I could end up trusting in my ability, money and possessions.
  • That my focus should not be on what I want but what I need at a particular moment -God's emphasis is the simple fact that He has promised never to leave me  or forsake me.