Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Understanding temptation

Every temptation is 3 dimensional. Temptation assaults the eye, the flesh and your showy nature.It is designed to be alluring enough to draw you away from focusing on the things of God and  to draw you to sin.

Take for example, if you are a cake lover and you see a cake on display as you window shop with your friends.

You see the cake and think to yourself..
“It’s beautiful and oh it looks so delicious”. 

that activates your taste buds, now your mouth is watering.we all know that 
cakes are wrapped in very attractive and elegant packaging. Cake lovers who see you with the packed cake admire you and wish they were you. That will make you feel good about yourself…

For a moment there, you will forget all restraint as temptation overwhelms every fibre of your flesh.

A battle is going on inside you and how you fare in this battle depends on how well prepared you are.

muffin cake
  •  Are you hungry? If so, how hungry are you?

If you cant remember the last time you ate, you, my friend are biiig trouble. 

  •       Are your friends buying it or urging you to?

Its your will power against their coercion. which is determined by the question below.

  •       How much do you value their approval? 

If you practically worship the ground they walk on, you are buying the cake... you want their approval, don't you?

  •       What is stronger?  The urge to look good in that little black dress (later this year at Christmas dinner) or instant gratification now?

This one question is determined by the answers above. Hunger= instant gratification. approval= looking good

  •       How many other battles have you fought today? And how big were those battles? (Will power can be depleted)